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2002 Journal

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01/03/02 - Couldn't make it tonight so Steve dropped me a line afterwards filling me in on what he and Patty accomplished:

Here's the latest version of Delirious, not sure why the #@$%*! mp3 has all the popping in it. I checked and there is nothing distorting anywhere. A couple of things to listen for:

1. Pat didn't like what he was getting on the lie,lie part so he wouldn't record it. Says you should double it yourself.

2. Did the pitch modification on the chrs harmony. What do ya think.

3. redid air choir parts, will probably add a short guitar solo at the end. May redo the whole last guitar part at the end but this is the current state of the recording.

4. Don't like the slide swoosh, too thin, couldn't get it to fatten up.

Glad I'm not from Nebraska!


01/08/02 - Pat and I added some vocal bits on Babble and I added a guitar harmony that Pat insisted that I play twice for future panning considerations. Some laughs when Pat ran the backing vocals through pitch correction software making temporarily making them sound like the Cher and Kid Rock songs that came out at the same time.

01/10/02 - Redid the little lick during the chorus of Delirious so that it isn't so abrupt. Also added a vibraty Willy Wonka line and a frantic bit. Made up a melody line for a bridge in-between Bone's solos in Babble.

01/13/02 - Steve's toying with the balance of the acoustic in Delirious and redoing the solo at the end after Bone's solo.

01/15/02 - Pat and I spent some time going over the 1st three songs to try to determine what still needed to be done before we could call them soup. Drew the following conclusions:

  • Need to rerecord the ending chords on Hey Paul.
  • Delirious needs a stronger opening. Sitar?
  • Still need to do something with the middle part of Babble. Guitar chords? Piano? Voice?
  • Need to re-record some of the backing vocals (tinny part - 1st verse) on Hey Paul.
  • Need to re-record some of the backing vocals (ahhhhs - 3rd verse) on Babble.
  • Slide needs to be re-recorded on Babble to eliminate the "high" part.
  • Need to reconsider keyboard notes on second verse of Delirious.
  • We need to come up with a good backup solution. Three songs take up about 3 gig.

    We also spend some time running over Flap, Parade and Two Pale Blackberries. We plan to re-record the drums for these songs.

    01/17/02 - We did good tonight. We fixed the ending and opening of Hey Paul to be a bit brighter. We fixed the tinny ahhhs. I recut the guitar line on Babble and Pat tried a Jamie Got Her Gun ahhhh part which replaced the old backing vocals. May back up the disk to CDs for the storage solution. This means our new fixit list is:

  • Delirious needs a stronger opening. Sitar?
  • Still need to do something with the middle part of Babble. Guitar chords? Piano? Voice?
  • Need to reconsider keyboard notes on second verse of Delirious.

    Babble has three sort of sections in the middle and I have some ideas for changing that from just solos to some percussive parts.

    01/18/02 - Put track dumps up from 01/08 to 01/10. These replaced old rehearsal sound files that were about a year old. I will replace them again as soon as I get the .mp3s from last night from Steve.

    01/19/02 - OK, the sound files are current. Gave Justin "Cooder" Randel copies of Babble and Hey Paul for his percussive and sitar consideration.

    01/19/02 - Steve and I are hashing out some differences over Delirious and my tendency to railroad when I am enthusiastic about a part. Communication and compromise are always critical in a band where many of the songs are co-written, especially if there are multiple opinions on how the song should sound and feel. We'll be OK.

    01/20/02 - Working on some piano parts on Delirious to help fatten the opening and ending a bit. Steve's doing all of the parts and E-MAILing me "whuddya thinks?" for feedback.

    01/22/02 - Took a new pic of Pat. Realized that the sound samples on the site were at the lowest bit rate possible so recut them and uploaded them to the server. Much better!

    01/24/02 - I recorded the sitar sounding guitar all the way through the bridge in Babble and we layered some inspired wahwah vocal bits throughout that Pat came up with. I found his part (including his new harmonies in Hey Paul) to be very Dave Balesque. This is good for me. BTW, this new part probably means the official end of the "blue and yellow make green" verses.

    Had another go at fixing the tinny ahhhs in Hey Paul. Pat added some nice new harmonies. Listened to the drum tracks for Little Joe as a possible next start. There's a single missing kick that we can overdub or even ignore. We also talked about starting Peteena Says simultaneously. Upgraded Steve's pic.

    02/07/02 - Worked with Cooder on recording congas for the bridge in Babble. Considering eliminating the drums in that section if we can get a fat enough sound out of the congas.

    02/12/02 - Cooder was unavailable so I recorded conga parts in Babble and Hey Paul. Also added a shaker, cello and a droning string sound (Steve accidently built if from a string pluck) to the bridge in Babble. I wanted the cello to be lower but it was eliminating the bass so we moved it up. Steve and I also started toying with the sequence of sounds so that the bridge builds properlly. Bone is going to record a more frantic solo for the end. Patty was also unavailable so I'll need to get him to sign off on these new noises before we can tighten the screws.

    02/13/02 - Had an idea overnight for an intro and outro for Babble. Steve has a beautiful pond with fountain/fall in his backyard. I wanna replace the 1234 count with bubbling water and let it run until the first stop in the old intro. I really hear it terminating in a "ting". Then I wanna tack on either reversed bubbling or draining at the end. We would probably have to either record it on portable tape or use one of the Casio samplers to get the sound to the recording area or "studio". I guess I need to talk Steve into it before I start fretting over logistics.

    02/14/02 - Messed around with the controversial guitar line in Delirious before deciding to abandon it for now and move on. Fooled around with the mix of the bridge in Babble. Recorded several takes of Peteena Says vocal. Started as scratch tracks but now they might be close enough to keep. Added some of Pat's parts - "yes she brays" and "Peteena won't say".

    02/19/02 - Pat and I monkeyed around with some new stuff. We came up with some verse changes for a piece that I have had laying around for about 6 months. Pat played a nice tune that he has pretty much fleshed out except for words and a cool song that he wrote on the piano. We don't play much as a band right now because of the recording process so new song development will have to continue to be done on "off" nights.

    02/21/02 - Rerecorded the vocals for Peteena. They seem to be a little stronger and more in synch. Pat had a great idea for some lalalalas and recorded them along with a harmony. We discussed breaking them up into reverse doubletimes and were pleased with the effect. I also added a echoing "yes she brays" so that we can pan them.

    Pat recorded a scratch vocal for Little Joe and Rosalie. There is a potential drum hiccup that may be exposed when Steve records the bass. We still need to get time to rehearse and record drums for Parade, Two Pale Blackberries and Flap.

    02/24/02 - Snuck in a morning recording session to spice up Peteena. Added a ska bit and a shimmering sound on the verses. Added a Warner Brothers swoop with the slide at the end of the verses. Did a wacky guitar melody during the chorus and played a simple melody line (Steven originally did this on a keyboard) during the bridge. We still need something to happen during the climax of the bridge when everything switches to double-time.

    02/26/02 - Pat and I worked on the piano song and on the magic song.

    02/28/02 - Redid the wacky guitar melody on Peteena during the chorus to include a climb on the 3rd line. Added another shimmery bit with a vibrato for the verses. Added tambourine at the end. Pat held his nose and echoed the word water (ala Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey) during the first verse and then had to cut and paste his performance for the 3rd verse.

    Recorded a scratch bass and scratch guitar part for Little Joe and Rosalie to see if it will "fix" the parts that bother us before we start working on it in earnest.

    Won't record again for 2 weeks while Steve is in Belize.

    03/14/02 - Pat and I took turns praying for a Little Larry/Taxman solo for Babble but it just didn't happen. Perhaps we wanted it too much. Now Pat is actually going to rehearse a solo and we'll try again next week.

    Fixed the drum hiccup in Little Joe so now Steve will put down a bass part.

    Repaired the ahhhhhhs at the end of the word California in Hey Paul that were bothering Patty. Decided where we wanted the Congas and removed them everywhere else.

    Added some radio tuning sounds to the bridge in Peteena. Tried some conversation in the space between the bridge and the 2nd verse but couldn't find the right recording.

    Started to replace the multiple hooks in the chorus of Delirious with one guitar so that it would sound more, um, contiguous? But it sounded the same as the original parts so we left 'em.

    03/20/02 - Spent a lot of time cartooning up Peteena. Settled on a creaky water pump, water and laughing. Used the remaining half hour to work on the humming bird solo in Babble. Pat roughed in a part that we will record next Tuesday.

    03/26/02 - Pat recorded a blistering guitar bit for the bridge in Babble. I roughed in some guitar parts on Little Joe and Rosalie and Pat roughed in another vocal. The vocal is very up front and intimate so we are spending a lot of time working it out.

    04/04/02 - Worked all evening on the vocals for Little Joe. I think recording a quiet vocal part has been an education for all of us. One thing we've learned is that pronunciation and enunciation are more critical in quiet songs than they are in yelling songs. So far I have had all of the yelling songs so we are learning these things at Pat's expense.

    Pat and I have compiled a lot of bits for new songs. Temporary reference titles are Disarray, Robins Poking in the Yard, DeerDeerDeerDeerDeerDeerDeer, MarBeck, Pat's Piano Bit and DootDootDoot. Steve also has some veggies in the pot for the next recording.

    04/09/02 - Patty and I worked on new songs. I came up with a melody for the newest part of DeerDeerDeerDeerDeerDeerDeer and Pat brought a melody for the original bit. We also ran through the Robins Poking in the Yard.

    04/11/02 - I doodled around on the 8-Track and came up with a new ditty. Decided to just play music tonight instead of working on Little Joe.

    05/02/02 - Worked on recording the acoustic parts for 12 and Little Joe. Ended up with a good take of Terry the Pirate.

    05/09/02 - Recorded the acoustic parts for 12. Recorded lead and backing vocals.

    05/16/02 - Pat and I arrived both prepared to re-record major portions of 12 but ended up liking what we had after another listen. Added some backwards cymbals and bells before the chorus. Monkeyed with Steve's oboe part. Played with the delay on the vocals. Talked about sampling and looping one of my existing drum bits for the extended ending to the song.
    Found the Flap drum tracks so that we can start on that again.

    05/23/02 - Worked on the dreamy ending part for 12. Pat was a little cranky but still helped build a nice drum loop from 2 places in Babble and then he and I layered guitars and vocals. I added a tambourine and Steve is going to listen to it for a bit and then add a spare bass line. This part of the song originally had a busier bass part but it's changed. Pat was sweeter by the end of the evening.

    Pat is going to work on a vocal and or a piano part for the empty verse in 12 for next week. We're going to try the digital piano through a guitar amplifier recorded in the room instead of directly in to give it some air.

    06/06/02 - Added an electric piano bit to the empty verse in 12. Also added tambourine and hand claps. The ending of the 12, which is currently recorded as a second song, got it's tail shortened, reverb changed and other little tricks..

    06/13/02 - Changed the reverb on 12. Cut out some of my inaudible quaking during the reprise and added some effects to it for a wash sound. Bone is going to add some texture to the 12 reprise and to Terry the Pirate next week.
    Had a pow-wow about how we were going to wrap this up and start on the next album. We originally intended to record 12 tracks but may now reduce it to 10 which means we'll have to come up with a new name - or not? Right now we have 5 songs finished, 3 started and 2 (Flap and Parade) to start from scratch.

    06/18/02 - Got together to rehearse the last 2-3 songs that we are going to be recording drums for. I had forgotten about Always Something in the last entry. Handed out a CD with some of my demos for the next record. I'm looking to Pat and Steve for intro, bridge and/or outro suggestions. Temporary titles include Honey Pie, Worms, I Want The Things I Used To Have, Both Hands, Robins Poking In The Yard, Marbeck, Shaking Off The Sand and Disarray. We spent some time talking about when we anticipate wrapping up the current record (August?) and how long the new one might take.

    06/20/02 - Pat worked on the lead vocal for Terry The Pirate.

    06/25/02 - Pat laid down strong vocals for Terry The Pirate. I uploaded a sample to the Sounds page. I added some harmonys. Steve stained wood. Started talking about where to do mastering. John knows a guy in Minn. that is supposed to be good.

    06/27/02 - Added gurgley and shrieky guitars to Terry. Messed with mix and reverb. Stuck a vocal line from Peteena's drum tracks into Peteena's bridge.

    07/02/02 - Pat tweaked some of the lower roars from the guitars we recorded on the 27th. Added some harmonies to the verses that we may or may not use. Talked again about how important it is to come up with a backup solution. This reprise ends with money.

    07/10/02 - Pat sang verses and chorus for Little Joe. We toyed with singing the song straight without color or tails at the end of lines. I think it worked nicely. Pat has a beautiful voice and it's a good song for him. Thursday I'll redo the scratch guitar part for Little Joe and Rosalie and add a scratch vocal for Noggin.

    07/12/02 - Ended up not working tonight. Talked with Steve over the weekend about marrying a bit he has called Bystander to my bit Marbeck.

    07/16/02 - Pat added the little vocal ditty that I came up with several months ago for the "frozen moon" parts of Little Joe. I did the vocals for Noggin and Pat added harmonys on the chorus. I think the lead vocals are OK and we'll just have to do the chorus vocals in earnest. Still have to do guitars for Little Joe and Noggin and the bass for most of the songs.
    Gave the boys three new bits - tenatively titled Right Here, I Be Safe (reprise) and Recipie - to use for new collaborations.

    07/22/02 - Got an E-MAIL from Scott Stemmermann!

    07/23/02 - Re-sang the ahhhs during the chorus of Noggin. Recorded the arpeggiating guitar part for the chorus of Little Joe and Rosalie. This is the part that used to be the chorus in Fishies and Ala's Wing's Fry in the Burning Sky song. Thursday we'll record the guitar for the verses of Little Joe and for Noggin and we will be ready to start recording drums for the remaining songs.

    07/25/02 - Messed around with recording Steve's bass part for Little Joe with a direct line in and with a mic on the amp. I added more guitars. Messed around with a hook for the E major bit in the chorus. Some discussion about whether the guitar is the best voice for the hook.

    07/30/02 - Spent most of the evening editing Little Joe addressing performance and arrangement issues. Agreed that on Thursday we would convert the bridge to another 12 / Babblesque wackyscape. Steve and I worked on Bystander/MarBeck while Pat edited.

    08/01/02 - As planned we rebuilt the bridge for Little Joe. We started with Steven playing 8th notes on his A string and then piled everything on top of that including Rhodes, vocals, drums and guitar. Had to tack on a ride cymbal wash coming out of the chorus to keep it from sounding too abrupt.

    08/06/02 - Little Joe: Redid the ride cymbal build into the bridge for continuity. Pat recorded the keyboard part for the main hook. Did some editing on the ending so that the song now fades with the ratatattats on the snare drum. We don't use many fade outs because the songs will all built with endings/resolves.

    08/08/02 - Ate giant Salmon steaks with Steven and then worked on marrying Marbeck and Bystander. Worked out a rough arrangement and then recorded it so that we could both play with the wav files with Sonar.

    08/13/02 - Worked on a lot of little Little Joe bits tonight:

  • Added a heavily chorused reverse cymbal build during a drum fill. We were just going to copy and reverse the cymbal that I added last week before the bridge but it fades in and as every hippy with a basement studio knows if you want the sucking sound at the end of a reverse cymbal you have to bash it. I actually bashed 2 simultaneously.
  • I sang a harmony in the second verse with the voice of an 8 year-old boy.
  • I used Steve's MacBass to record a melody at the end of the song which Pat thinks I nipped from a Star Wars scene.
  • We faded Steve's humping bass line in during the bridge for a building effect.
  • Killed the MMMMMM part during the first chorus.
  • Backed Patty's guitar bit during the chorus off until the repeat.
  • Let Pat's keyboard part drain into the outro.

    Steve showed Pat what we have done with Bystander/Marbeck so far. Right now it's 8 minutes long.

    We agreed (shouting over the griding of the hard drive) that we need to address backing up our work as soon as possible so Thursday is dedicated to making this happen.

    Determined that once we add the guitars to Noggin we will be ready to record the last 4 songs. I noticed that I have 5 left under the "songs we are currently recording" heading so there's still some question as to which 4 will make it. I believe that Always Something and Flap are "for sures" so that leaves Parade, Animalpeople and Two Pale Blackberries to pick through. We still haven't done anything about sequencing, cover design etc.

    08/15/02 - Went shopping for an external hard drive and a fire wire card. Ended up getting an 80 gig drive which should be plenty. We'll actually back up the first 8 songs on Tuesday. While driving around we listened to an old practice CD from last September.

    08/20/02 - Backed up the first 8 songs to the new drive. Thursday we'll finish up Noggin.

    08/21/02 - Pat verified that the backups worked. They took up 3 gig so the 80 gig drive is going to hold our entire catalog.

    08/22/02 - Determined that we have only spent $500 so far and nearly half of that was for the backup system. Of course this excludes stuff that we already had like microphones, computer, recording software, mixing board etc. These are just expenses incurred since recording started in earnest - 09/22/01.

    This also means we've only been at this for less than a year - omitting song development and rehearsal time which we've been doing since 06/26/00 when Pat joined up and I moved from guitar to drums. So, 52 weeks in a year at about 3 hours a week will put us at 156 "studio" hours (time spent in front of the computer, tracing cable or playing an instrument) as of 09/22/02. That's the equivalent of 13 twelve hour days.

    Bone and Pat recorded rhythm guitar parts for Noggin. We've used the Telecaster on virtually every song so we were hoping that Bone's Jackson would give us a different guitar noise but the track was scratched because there was a tuning issue. Pat redid the part with the Tele. I recorded a slide part at the beginning with Steve's old L5. This was to replace a harmonica part that I heard but Steven and Patrick have an aversion to the mouth harp. Or maybe just to my skill on the mouth harp...

    08/29/02 - OK, we did a lot tonight:

    Steve re-recorded the rhythm guitar parts for Noggin using the Tele straight in.

    I added a little 4 note bit at the end of the chorus lines.

    We recorded the L5 like an acoustic to fatten up the chorus with a washboardy sound.

    For some reason the drums are huge in this song and Steve's catchy bass part didn't seem big enough in comparison so we experimented with tuning it down and recording it. The result was stunning but for some reason it was distorting at the board so he will fix that issue and re-record it.

    Decided that we still need to monkey with the intro, add a voice to the chorus and develop a bridge.

    09/03/02 - Should have worked on Noggin but instead we layed down frames (drum machine and guitar) for Flap, Always Something and Parade. I'll work on Two Pale Blackberries and we'll import it on Thursday. Finishing this by Christmas is starting to look like a reality!

    09/05/02 - Sent Pat and Steve an idea that I had for the bridge of Noggin.

    09/07/02 - Some "note to self" memos for later:
    Peteena - Back off the laughing.
    Little Joe - Intro needs to be more interesting.
    Little Joe - The Em and B downbeat builds aren't convincing. Need more ooomph.
    Little Joe - The drums during the climax of the bridge into the last verse need more definition.
    Terry The Pirate - Need more rhythms playing off of the kick during the verses.
    Babble - Steve suggested that Babble needs a mid-range tone counter-melody during the verses and I agree.

    09/10/02 - Worked on the new idea for the Noggin bridge. Wrestled with call and response guitars. Also had a hard time simulating the bass sound I got at home. I used a Roland vocal effect on the bass that gave it a slightly warbly, spacey sound. We tried one of Bone's Boss effects rack but couldn't dial up the right sound so we reverted back to the Roland processor. We started off using the hollow-body Mac-Bass but the tone was too high so we reverted back to the GL - which was still in the low tuning for last week - and it worked fine.

    09/11/02 - Came up with some falsetto bits during the chorus of Noggin' that I sent to the boys.

    09/17/02 - Ended up mostly talking all night. We are working all day this Saturday so we did a little game-planning. Monkeyed around with the intro to Noggin. Tryed singing some ahhhs and ooooos through various effects with marginal success.

    09/21/02 - Worked 6 and 1/2 hours today.
    Recorded the guitar parts for the chorus of Parade. Pat recorded vocals.
    Recorded the acoustic for Flap, Always Something and the end of Two Pale Blackberries.
    Recorded vocals for Flap and Always Something.
    Recorded vocals for Two Pale Blackberries.
    Recorded 2-3 minutes of the waterfalls in Steve's pond.

    Added some pictures we took today to the website. Steve got cheated as usual because he generally sits in front of the computer and mixing board pushing real and virtual buttons while Pat and I are there and then records his parts in the dark of night. Just didn't see the point of updating his "sitting in front of the computer" shot. Finally retired Bone's pictures since he is living in Colorado and is no longer involved in the project. Godspeed little doodle.

    09/22/02 - Recorded the drums for the first 9 songs one year ago today.

    09/24/02 - Added bridge and chorus backing vocals to Noggin. Added some harmonies to Two Pale Blackberries.

    09/28/02 - Uploaded early versions of Parade, Flap and Two Pale Blackberries. These are pretty much in a scratch guitar, drum machine and scratch vocal state but I thought it would be entertaining to truly share the layering stages. These are chicken wire frames and the strips of newspaper are soaking in corn starch as we speak.

    10/01/02 - I'm a little sick so I wanted to dash off a vocal take of Two Pale Blackberries for the effect but we ended up spending the whole night working on the part that bridges the last chorus of Noggin with the bridge. Pat ended up playing the keyboard with me on Macbass and Steven playing a simpler variation of the original melody. Experimented with a lot of tones on the Tele.

    10/08/02 - Noggin has 2 bridges - a short bridge after the last chorus and a longer bridge before the end of the song. Tonight we worked on the transition between the bridges. We replaced the staccato guitars with a droning keyboard (after spending an hour trying to do it with a guitar) and an edited bit of me singing ahhh through a tremelo effect. We then added cabasa and tamborine and some ooooos at the end. Pat was having some problems with my phrasing of the backing vocals so I did his part and 2 Dons seem OK. Steve's still unhappy with the tone of the guitar and we have to find a way to get out of the song but we are getting close. I got a blister from playing the cabasa.

    One interesting gear note. We have been using a Fender Telecaster almost exclusively for electric guitar bits. I think Bone used a Jackson Flying V on Peteena and we used Steve's L5 for the intro of Noggin. We all own a handful of guitars but the Tele was the only guitar at our space. Anyhoo, Steven picked up a Strat today so now we have a second noisemaking choice for the last 4 songs. BTW, not once has anyone asked me to bring my Bronco.

    10/11/02 - It occured to me today that the final Girl for Samson lineup does not inlcude a single human being from the original ad that I placed soliciting musicians. So, if you are building a band and looking for players I would suggest that networking is as beneficial as local newspaper ads.

    10/13/02 - Added a compilation of images from the 1st year of recording to the Pics page.

    10/17/02 - The plan tonight was to work on the intro to bridge(2) in Noggin and finish the ending. Spent the first hour coming up with the proper vibrato sound and then recording me hitting an open A string with one of Steve's inch-thick picks and letting it sustain for about 6 seconds. Decided to start work on the ending by just duplicating what we did in bridge(1) with Pat playing the keyboard, Steven the guitar and me on the MacBass. One sound that has provided us with a subtle continuity is the donsingingthroughthevibrato bit that we used with the slide in the intro. This is repeated in the intro to bridge(2) and at the end of the song. It sounds like an organ from the First Pinkbyterian Church.

    10/19/02 - Spent the first 2 hours adding vocals to the chours and last verse to Noggin. Then tried recording a xylophone but couldn't get it to sustain or ring enough (Steve predicted this months ago) so we ended up using a digital sound. Tried unsuccessfully to add some water sounds to the end of the song.

    I re-recorded the vocal for the 3/4 part of Two Pale Blackberries and added guitars in the chorus and verses. Spent a long time trying to nail the chorus bit.

    Worked on a recorder part for Flap. Also added a ringing guitar and a hook in the chorus.

    Uploaded new .mp3s of Flap, Noggin and Two Pale Blackberries and new pictures.

    10/20/02 - Public notes to self:

    Noggin: The old vocal of Pat's that got unmuted and has now been left in the slide intro part of the song also makes an appearance during the moody bridge part with the cabasa. Daddy no likey.

    Flap: I think we should ADD a clean guitar to the shimmery guitar during the chorus and then back off the shimmery guitar some. That way there will be a nice ring and also some left over spacey tone at the end.

    10/24/02 - Didn't accomplish much tonight. I heard some vocal bits in the end of Delirious which Pat dutifully layed down. We tried adding a higher *recorder to Flap but it was out of tune so that was aborted. Spent the rest of the time trying to replace my shimmering guitar bits in Flap with no success. Could have spent the last 7 minutes setting up backups but Pat didn't bring the FireWire cable.

    *This second recorder deserves to have it's history shared with the world. It originally saw life in the late '70s - early '80s during the famous Wilsons rock opera about Darius, Alexander the Great and the fall of the Persian Empire. It resurfaced in the '80s when Porps would do Gilligan's Island during live sets. Cris would play it after the "the Minnow would be lost" line and then bash his cymbals with it.

    And he carries the reminders
    Of every glove that layed him down
    Or cut him till he cried out

    10/28/02 - Did you know that most of the ideas for bits that were eventually converted into bytes were born from listening to the songs away from the studio? Many of our hooks, fills, washes, changes, bridges, ooos, ahhhs, melodies, intros, outros, lines, bits, riffs are individual inspirations strained through a collective experience. Thinking about the songs away from the studio means that you arrive at the studio with ideas.

    Next lecture is on considering leftover sounds, pops, hiccups, flutters, honks and squeeks as gifts and not mistakes. It's Thursday at 8 PM in the conference room at the Carmichael Building. There's a reception afterwards with cherry punch and sugar cookies.

    10/29/02 - We have talked about replacing the guitar as the main instrument for the verses in Parade. Tonight I layed down a organ climb with an old Casio SK1. We later used the SK1's sampler to add some noises to the opening of Little Joe and backed off some of the doo doo doo doo quarter notes on the bass and guitar.

    Some terse debate over some potential changes in Always Something. Kind of interesting because we rarely have legitimate conflict. The beautiful thing is if we ever do squabble it's always over music.

    11/02/02 - Mani gave us some wonderful candies, breads and tea from her trip to Iran.

    Steve showed us some guitar bits that he pictured in the beginning of Little Joe and Rosalie.

    Pat intergrated Steve's idea for Always Something and it sounds great. Crisis averted. Spent the first few hours today re-recording the acoustic parts for the song to reflect the change. Pat detuned a couple of the strings on the guitar for the part which I found inspiring (while performing in my "sit down at the mic and play the guitar while Pat and Steve knob around with the boards" role) and a song plopped right out of my bottom. The dummy name is Sometimes Nothing. We spent the next hour dashing down vocal parts, bass, a guitar hook and a chorus. First new ditty that we've had time to come up with in a long time.

    Pat said that he liked my hair and I confessed that I too liked his. Curlys and straights always envy each other.

    Recorded an acoustic for Parade and spent the duration of the session messing with the mix and getting ready to do backups.

    Found out that Pat is left-handed. Steve said that he bats and golfs as a left-hander but does everything else with his right. My left hand is useless.

    Realized that "beginning" was mispelled a million times in the journals. Made the appropriate corrections. Uploaded new pics from today. Will upload new versions of Always Something and Parade once Slappy sends them to me.

    11/03/02 - Things to do on Thursday:

  • Work on Little Joe and Rosalie intro
  • Add a harmony to the 3rd verse of Peteena Says
  • Work buckministerfullerene into the sitar line in Babble
  • Address Steve's thoughts about the "round round" bits in Babble
  • Share Delirious guitar trade off idea
  • Sample the baranet.

    11/07/02 - We had planned to record drums next Saturday for the last 4 songs. We have now decided to wait until we upgrade some of the equipment (CPU and sound card) and then record them then. This will enable us to record drums whenever we please. The problem is that this upgrade is a month or two away so it means we probably aren't going to have a product until the end of the winter as we still have mixing, mastering, cover art, record label ahead of us and we aren't even done recording yet. It's our delaybut.

    Patty couldn't work tonight so the mice did play. We messed around with the MacBass line for Flap. I added the harmony to the last verse of Peteena. We tried the Delirious trade off idea but Steve wasn't buying it. I could of used Pat there to help me outshout him. We tried sampling the Baranet and adding it to the intro of Little Joe and Rosalie. After a while there were so many ambient noises going on that it was refreshing to mute it all and just open with Steven's new little diddle guitar line and then fade in the bass, guitar and keyboard. Also monkeyed around with some guitar bits to color the second keyboard phrase.

    11/11/02 - Pat signed off on the Flap bass revision so up on the server she goes.

    11/14/02 - Spent the first part of the evening going over a list of things to work on that Pat showed up with. Ended up fooling around with the intro to Little Joe again. The main thing that happened was the addition of a guitar line mimicing the keyboard line. Here's Pat's list:

    Terry The Pirate
    - Needs a new lead vocal.
    - Needs a build up at the end (last chorus), for some reason it seems to loose momentum.
    Maybe a synth build up or a crunchy guitar would help.
    - Feedback guitar continuing into chorus needs to come down or have the bass filtered.

    Always Something
    - Needs a new lead vocal
    - The "ooh ooh oohs" should be replaced by another instrument and the "carry on's" should be held out in the new choruses (perhaps turning into another instrument as Don suggested)

    -"Taxman" solo is way to loud and has no space or ambience, it doesn't seem to fit (in other words it needs reverb and compression)

    - "Lie" back up vocals need to be mixed down (done on 11/16/02)
    - Steve's modfied version of Don's guitar lick is slightly out of tune (done on 11/16/02)

    Hey Paul
    - Album should being with Hey Paul - Acoustic guitar needs to come up or have some sparkle added to it (done on 11/16/02)
    - It would be way cool to slowly pan the congas from left to right (deleted)
    - vocals need reverb (done on 11/16/02)

    Little Joe
    - The more I listen to the intro the more I am loving it. I would almost go as far as to say the song is done. (We made multiple changes just minutes after reading Pat's thoughts.)
    - Don's "fa fa" on bridge needs reverb (done)

    - Transition into 2nd chorus seems a bit rough (done on 11/16/02)
    - 1st part of the song seems to be missing something on the bottom and spatially

    - Main chorus vocal needs to come up
    - Low vocal on chorus needs to come down a bit
    - Synth needs reverb
    - Drums should come in during the "I found you" bits - maybe use congas before that

    - The madness is beautiful
    (how come we haven't made use of that weird little radio announcer microphone again?)

    - Acoustic guitar may need to be re-recorded or augmented with an electric
    - Acoustic needs reverb
    - back up vocals need reverb and space (done on 11/16/02)

    Two Pale Blackberries
    - Not complete enough to pass judgement

    - I still think the intro is too long, it drags everytime I listen to it
    - I'm starting to like the smimmery guitar
    - I don't like the call and response recorder on the "I found you" at the end. (deleted)

    11/16/02 - Saturday. Struggled the first two hours with some ideas for Delirious. Addressed Pat's list on Hey Paul, Twelve and Noggin. Took new pics. The highlight was Steve playing a service bell on 12. This replaced the digital bell.

    Ordered the new computer and picked up my amp from the shop. Bought some shirts at a vintage store. While driving around I played Pat Captain Beefheart and XTC. He was offended.

    11/21/02 - We got a new computer for our DAW (kill me) so the boys spent tonight shopping for the best audio card. After much pawing through online reviews (Patty directing and Steve driving) and debating the features and tradeoffs between brands (while I lay writhing in agony) they finally settled on the new Masters Of The Universe card. Steve is determined to order it this week so we should have a bigger and shinier pile of stuff in a week or two that will enable us to record drums at our stadium.

    Steve is going to send out mp3s of everything tonight so I should be updating a few things on the site this weekend.

    We are pretty much off until after the holiday though I'm going to try to knock-off a bass line for Parade on Tuesday.

    11/26/02 - Layed down a bass part for Parade using the Rick after a drunken issue with the tuner. Next I tried it with the G&L and then with the MacBass for tax. We may end up using bits of all three guitars. Also tried some guitar harmonies and hooks but I'm not sold on them yet.

    12/05/02 - Tonight Steve and Pat are gonna set up the new workstation.

    12/12/02 - Patty and Steven worked on the new workstation again tonight. Also decided to re-setup the board and get rid of some of the mysteries that cause us so many delays. I wisely avoided the session. Got a mournful message from Steve afterwards indicating that everything works, BUT... He even said "fuck" in his message. He and Pat are getting back together tomorrow to hammer out the rest of the issues.

    12/17/02 - Steve cleaned up the space over the last few weeks and it was wonderful to discover after being gone for so long. More light and room!

    Messed around with some keyboard sounds on the Juno for Parade. Settled on 2 and may end up using both. Used the Strat for the first time to accent the E builds in the chorus of Little Joe. Sassed McCartney for the whole Lennon/McCartney credit switch.

    12/24/02 - Steve and I got together and worked on Two Pale Blackberries. I heard a melody in the car on the way over that we transposed to a bass part. Also added a couple of guitars during the waltz. Replaced a keyboard idea Steve had for Babble with a guitar line.

    12/31/02 - Last entry for 2002. Steven and I got together and did some editing. We:
    Played around with drum and guitar accents for the Em and B builds in Little Joe and Rosalie. Finally decided to boost the original floor toms and maybe even re-record the drums later.
    Slip-edited some leftover tones leading into the bridge on Parade.
    Sang a guide verse and chorus for Steve's new song.
    Talked about adding more backing vocals on Noggin.
    Toyed with the idea of shadowing Pat's acoustic in Terry The Pirate with an electric. I think Steve is going to do this on his own time.

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