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2020 Journal

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01/01/20 - Now entering our 21st year of operation.

01/14/20 - Inspired session with fresh computer, new chair for me, fresh batteries in the Snarks and more space in the room.

01/21/20 - Another productive session. We are currently jamming to drum loops with Steven on bass and Patrick and I playing with loads of effects on two pedal boards. Patrick is going to set up Jerry Riccardi this weekend to finish off the drum tracks for our 4th album.

02/11/20 - Patrick brought us new Sleepnovox mixes. Already dazzled. We could potentially have four albums out this year. Recorded for a bit. Talked about starting to sing while we jam.

02/18/20 - Back at it. Patrick set up mics so that we can fool with vocals ideas while we "jam".

02/25/20 - Still compiling jams. Patrick and I are both using heavily effected guitars while Steven throbs on bass.

03/03/20 - We had been improvising over drum patterns but tonight Patrick brought some beautiful loops made from songs on Harriet. Very inspiring.

03/06/20 - Talking about doing a short live set in August at a local venue. This will be our 2nd live performance in 20 years.

03/10/20 - Patrick spent the session writing out some guide tracks for Jerry and importing Allen's takes.

Steven agreed to do a few songs live in August.

I damaged Steven's Fano. I have been using it to track with. My foot got caught on the short cable between the guitar and pedalboard and it crashed into 0 sturdy Electro-Harmonix pedals. Broke the binding on one side and nicked the fretboard. This guitar was beautiful.

03/11/20 - Initial set-list for 8/8/20:

Terry The Pirate
Spiders Last Stand
My Wing
Fountain of Youth or Old Into Young
Present Always
Breeders or Honey Pie
Stupid Cloud

03/26/20 Jerry Riccardi sent drum tracks for Present Always. If Patrick approves then we are another step closer to bonking this album in the head.

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