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2021 Journal

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01/01/21 - Now entering our 22nd year of operation.

01/05/21 - Spent the whole session just talking. Decided that we'll stop recording bits now and spend the upcoming weeks sorting through what we have looking for songs.

01/12/21 - Started our new life. We have 31 "jams" recorded. We will listen to two of them each week and mark or highlight the useful and inspired bits. Every 4-6 marked songs will be processed by Patrick so that we can work on them between sessions.

01/19/21 - 2nd session listening to jams and identifying useful moments. Next week Patrick will actually build some songs from the first two weeks. Split up our garlic pickle & vegetable relish order.

01/26/21 - Did some listening and some strategizing. Gave Patrick a small pile of early rehearsals and album mixes/re-mixes to archive on his physical property.

03/02/21 - Look how long it's been since we last got together! Patrick worked a little on compiling something. I'm going to revisit the first wave of "jams" and see if there is anything to build on.

03/09/21 - Chatted for a bit and then Patrick resumed working on the song he started last week. Song Build 1.rar

03/16/21 - Yacked another session away. We are young and our hearts are open books.

03/23/21 - I brought some melody ideas for a song but they were accidentally deleted during the import process. Patrick worked on prepping another song. Looked at loads of vintage Greco Les Paul copies.

03/30/21 - Patrick imported my vocals for the Saving for Blue Jeans song and then played with the arrangement. One of the girls got a shot in the arm today.

04/13/21 - Patrick re-sang some of his parts in Saving for Blue Jeans song. He also added a variety of low-fi percussion, including full band hand claps.

06/08/21 - Listened to mixes of Cigarette, Dust & Present Always. Marvelous work as always by the finisher.

06/22/21 - Steven had a guitar idea for Cigarette so P. and I both added parts.

06/29/21 - We built the foundation of a new song last week using bits from a jam and some additional guitar parts. Today we wired up the electronic drums and I wonked out a few patterns. Also toyed with a bass idea.

07/20/21 - First session in a while. Spent it talking.

08/17/21 - First session in a LONG time. Spent it talking.

08/24/21 - Worked a bit for once. I have no idea what the songs are called. I think this is Song Build 2. Patrick recorded some fuzzy, filterly guitar aping my vocal part.

08/31/21 - More Covid interference.

09/07/21 - Fiddled with the chorus of Song Build 2.

09/14/21 - Spent the session trying to salvage a part that Thomas did in the bridge of Every Penny. It was a chord sequence and melody that I recall him having sitting around back in the 90s. We have the piano part, just trying to sort out the melody.

09/21/21 - Re-imagined and re-recorded some bass parts for a song.

10/05/21 - I heard Gary Numan's song Films in the Val Kilmer and dug the groove that the bass and drums made. Tried a variation on Blend All the Seasons. Patrick came up with a nifty keyboard part.

10/19/21 - We talked and talked and talked and slide a little bit of a synth part to the chorus of the song we're working on.

10/26/21 - Listened to mixed of 7 of the 12 tracks from Old Into Young. Really good songs mixed by the man with the golden ear. And voice.

11/02/21 - Listened to more Old Into Young mixes and revisions. It's entertaining to try to guess who the drummers are for each song.

11/16/21 - Listened to more Old Into Young mixes and revisions.

11/30/21 - Started cataloging the big pile of songs for the post-Old into Young album.

12/07/21 - Continued cataloging new songs for the new album.

12/21/21 - Last session of the year. Signed off on Old Into Young so we move on to mastering and a new album.

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