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2022 Journal

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01/01/22 - Now entering our 23rd year of operation.

01/11/22 - Had our third cancelation in a row. Thoughts and prayers for next week.

01/18/22 - Old into Young has been mixed and mastered but we added some shrill feedback via the FreqOut to the end of Hiding a Slave just to further delay its release.

01/25/22 - Reviewed Old into Young artwork.

02/08/22 - Submitted Old into Young for digital distribution and ordered CDs.

02/12/22 - You can now stream and buy digital copies of Old into Young on Bandcamp. Available everywhere else on Valentine's Day.

02/16/22 - Was this a typical session where we talk through 75% of it? No. We talked through 75% of it and drank spirits. Dark spirits.

02/22/22 - The plan is to record some "jams" tonight.

02/24/22 - This was the last music that Thomas made, ever. Thomas played guitar and keyboards with us from the 2nd album on and was a marvelous musician with a great ear for hooks and feelie bits. As a bassist he was an absolute artist. He was the magic static that briefly holds a balloon to the chest of your pajamas. Being talented is rarely enough - for anything, really. Thomas found a way to the end long, cold nights, but also the warm, buttery days. I will add, to lighten the mood, that he was on record for not liking orange cats, Borat and CCR.

Make a muscle, but don't look at it.

03/12/22 - Thanks to The Scene w/ Pretty Boy on 102.7 FM for playing Miss Majesty. That stuff matters.

03/22/22 - Talked through the session.

04/12/22 - Patrick married some of our jams together and made a neato song. Sent the session to me for lyrical consideration despite the fact that his best lyrics are generally better than my best efforts. I believe that it was done in the spirit of inclusion and collaboration.

04/16/22 - Miss Majesty got another spin on The Scene w/ Pretty Boy on 102.7 FM.

04/19/22 - Old into Young CDs finally arrived. Jammed. I hate that word.

05/24/22 - Patrick made me come up with a solo for Soon. I did my thing where I find 5 notes that work with the chord sequence and then rock and roll them.

06/01/22 - Patrick mixed the solos in Soon and sang the lyrics that we came up with. Sent a copy off to Jerry Riccardi for drumming consideration.

06/14/22 - Hustled two more songs to near completion.

06/16/22 - Scribbled down some lyric ideas for Falling Up and sent them to P.

06/21/22 - Listened to everything we have to see where we stand. Easily 50-60% done. It's going to be a lovely album.

08/02/22 - Sent Falling Up to Dave Storms for drums.

08/05/22 - Got Falling Back mixdown from Dave and the drums are beautiful.

08/16/22 - Listened to Falling Back mixes and agreed that we would play next session.

08/18/22 - Got Soon drum tracks back from Jerry.

08/31/22 - Soon is available for streaming on BandCamp.

09/20/22 - First session in a while. Listened to Blend all the Seasons.

10/12/22 - Sent Blend all the Seasons to Jerry for some rumpapumpum.

11/08/22 - Evaluate 29 (Johnny Marie with Patrick Meagher) available now.. Had a GFS session. Talked and listened to the nearly-complete Falling Up.

11/22/22 - Played music to drum loops. Didn't spend a second talking about football.

11/29/22 - Played music to drum loops.

12/06/22 - Played music to drum loops.

12/29/22 - Fountain of Youth makes The Scene's best of 2022 list.

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