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2023 Journal

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01/01/23 - Now entering our 24th year of operation.

01/03/23 - First session of the new year. Lots of catching up but we did manage to get off one piece of girlie jam.

01/10/23 - Added two jams to the pile re-using rhythms from previous jams so that Patrick has some B and C options when building songs.

01/30/23 - Falling Up now available. Thanks to Dave Storms for helping out with drum tracks.

01/31/23 - Recorded music.

02/12/23 - Got drum tracks from Jerry for Blend all the Seasons.

02/28/23 - Talked about football, jingles, Radiohead's In Rainbows, AI, Gilbert O'Sullivan (Patrick's virgin voyage with Alone Again, Naturally and Nothing Rhymed), Lucy, Kansas City drummers, H&C upgrades and more. Patrick and I saw Venus and Jupiter on the way home.

03/28/23 - Blend all the Seasons available for streaming.

04/17/23 - Patrick sent us a mix of "Batteries".

04/21/23 - Sent Jerry the reference files for "One of Everything".

04/28/23 - Sent Jerry the reference files for "Bring My Medicine".

05/05/23 - Patrick sent us a mix of "No Wonder".

05/06/23 - State of the union:

Blend all the Seasons
Falling Up

Waiting for Drums
One of Everything
Bring my Medicine
You Better Run

Nearly Ready for Drums
No Wonder
You Have to Go
They're Going to Get You Where it Hurts
The Morning

05/19/23 - Worked up some words for You Better Run and sent some vocal takes to Patrick to sort out.

06/06/23 - Patrick sent us a mix of You Have to Go.

06/11/23 - Getting some play on KKFI's Signal to Noise on the 15th.

06/12/23 - 25 O'Clock is spinning something on on July 1st and 3rd. 100.9 on the FM dial if you're in central northeastern Ontario.

06/13/23 - Patrick sent us a mix of They're Going to Get You Where it Hurts.

06/19/23 - Patrick sent us a mix of The Morning giving us 12 songs for the next album.

09/26/23 - We're still doing stuff. Why, just today I sent Patrick vocals and drums for Ballstone Drive/Faking Your Beauty/They're Going to Get You Where it Hurts.

11/16/23 - Got lovely drum tracks back from Jerry for Bring My Medicine. The Real Flower Pots.

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