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2023 Journal

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01/01/23 - Now entering our 24th year of operation.

01/03/23 - First session of the new year. Lots of catching up but we did manage to get off one piece of girlie jam.

01/10/23 - Added two jams to the pile re-using rhythms from previous jams so that Patrick has some B and C options when building songs.

01/30/23 - Falling Up now available. Thanks to Dave Storms for helping out with drum tracks.

01/31/23 - Recorded music.

02/12/23 - Got drum tracks from Jerry for Blend all the Seasons.

02/28/23 - Talked about football, jingles, Radiohead's In Rainbows, AI, Gilbert O'Sullivan (Patrick's virgin voyage with Alone Again, Naturally and Nothing Rhymed), Lucy, Kansas City drummers, H&C upgrades and more. Patrick and I saw Venus and Jupiter on the way home.

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