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2024 Journal

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01/01/24 - Now entering our 25th year of operation.

01/31/24 - First session in nearly a year. Got everything set back up and ready to grind out sticky jams next week.

02/28/24 - Talked and recorded noises as we have done throughout history.

03/07/24 - Discussed putting out an EP and then recorded "jamming".

03/13/24 - Spent the session swapping compressors for the bass and being thwarted by the lack of a 9 volt battery for the Countryman DI box. I took the infamous Roalnd GP100 home.

03/20/24 - Patrick sent me remixes of 12 and sleepnovox for digital distribution. They are currently only available on BandCamp.

03/21/24 - Remixes of 12 and sleepnovox have been submitted for digital distribution.

03/31/24 - Remixes of 12 and sleepnovox available everywhere tomorrrow.

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