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fictitious questions and earnest responses to help you know and love us

When was Girl for Samson formed?
On 03/08/00 when Don cut his hair. True.

Is Girl for Samson a Christian band?
No, although many of Girl for Samson's songs deal with the process of creating, destroying and recycling human sausages.

How did the band get it's name?
It rhymed with Billie Eyeball's band World for Ransom.

Why are all of the picures black and white?
To make us appear more dangerous and less mortal.

Where can I see Girl for Samson play live?
Probably not going to happen very often as we are mostly interested in songwriting and recording. Will post the occasional date here though you would probably have to check the site daily to make plans to see a performance since I imagine there would only be a month or two of advance notice. I suppose that the mailing list would be handy for this sort of thing.

Who are your influences?
Each musician has his own personal closet of musicwear which I have emptied, laundered and sorted for you below. You'll find Google links in convenient, resealable packets. Fits right in your pocket!

How can I contact the band?

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