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Key participants:

Johnny Marie (Jill of all trades, Mister of one)
Mike Tankersley (keyboards, vocals)
Dave Swiercinsky (bass, vocals, keyboards, french horn, cello)
DJ Joelle St. Pierre (loving & enthusiastic support)
Patrick Meagher (guitar, vocals, keyboards, support, co-produced, mixed and mastered "juiceboxberries" & "Gardenaire")
Thomas Montgomery (bass, keyboards, co-produced, mixed and mastered "Her Bows")
Shannon Swift (vocals & clutter tolerance)
Rachel Thompson (vocals)
Steve Neal (vocals)
John McConnell (guitars)
Allen Johnston (drums)
Chris Ruzich (bass, vocals)
Gary Boyle (drums)
John Bara (congas)
Steven Brown (gear sharing)
Mani Brown (always willing to share ears)
Jezebel (gear sharing)
Kevin Kesterson (vocals, gear sharing, MacSupport, local distribution)
Graeme Walker (graphic language)
Victoria Ralls (for being Victoria) (hosting and vintage images)
Jill Fetterman & Meri Bara (for being Jill & Meri)
Jason & Maiko (initial construction, hosting, introductions, P.A. & anti-humidity solutions)

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