3/27/10 Meri came by to measure a plot of yard for our flower garden.

4/1/10 Started tilling the new garden.

4/8/10 Lilacs blooming!

4/10/10 Heard a Gray Catbird in the yard for the first time this year.

Planted Irises.

4/11/10 Only about 30 percent of the flowers remaining on the Forsythia because of the weather.

4/14/10 Bought some Fountain Grass for the garden.

Forsythia blooms are at about 90%.

4/18/10 Here come the helicopters!

4/19/10 Moved Phlox from the NW garden to the new primary.

4/20/10 Still digging clay clods from the primary garden.

Lilac Bush has 2 blooms.

4/23/10 Saw a wet squirrel in the morning carry a baby wet squirrel up a tree.

4/28/10 Helicopers and elm seed are falling like crazy.

5/6/10 Roughed out the flower garden border.

5/8/10 Added a bunch of new flowers. Garden is about 60% complete.

5/23/10 Added more flowers.

5/27/10 Loads of evil but heavenly smelling Honeysuckle blooms.

6/25/10 2nd rain barrel added.

8/1/10 Belladonna Lily didn't pop up this Summer. Usually blooms in early July.

6/14/10 Got a rain barrel.

10/6/10 Fountain Grass starting to bloom.