11/25/19 Robins have been bountiful and noisy for weeks now. Not just making pony noises - making proper Robins-singing-in-the-Spring noises.

11/24/19 Saw 4 Red-tailed Hawks at 84th and Ward Parkway.

11/15/19 Got all of the San Diego and Florida pictures posted and new birds added.

11/04/19 Processed San Diego pictures. Will post those and some Florida pictures in a week or so.

09/26/19 Found the first pink Inornate Pyrausta Moths in the Pitcher Sage for 2019. We were traveling and probably missed the climax of blooms and moths.

07/24/19 Our once abundant Garden Phlox crop has reclaimed its crown after suffering for several years from Plant Bugs. I don't know what happened to the bugs and why the plants are now thriving again.

07/23/19 I've never seen so many juvenile Northern Cardinals in the gardens. The adults have been wildly successful this year.

06/03/19 After 3 or 4 days the baby Robins are now gone. The nest looks roughed up so I'm guessing Raccoons.

06/02/19 Added a bunch of Peonies around the gardens. Some bright yellow Irisis in the Elm Garden.

06/01/19 Still haven't seen any baby bunnies this year.

05/31/19 Robin and Cardinal nests in the yard.

05/11/19 A Three Oriole Day.

05/10/19 Annual visit from an Indigo Bunting. We get about 30 seconds every year. Baby House Finches are in wing display mode.

05/06/19 First Baltimore Oriole on the feeder. Saw him around the yard yesterday but never caught him eating.

05/05/19 Returned from vacation to find our Catbird here (with a "friend") but no sign of Orioles. Oranges and jelly untouched. 05/01/19 Saw a fox dart out of the gardens this morning. I always wondered who that scat belonged to.

04/27/19 Chipping Sparrows and White-crowned Sparrows are here.

04/14/19 Thasher splashing around in the bird bath. Yellow Warbler of some sort flitting around in the elm tree.

04/05/19 Saw a Red Admiral darting around while taking pictures of flowers.

03/31/19 Thrasher is here. Right on time.

03/30/19 Still have a yard full of Juncos.

03/17/18 Grackles are here.

03/16/18 Saw loads of Turkey Vultures around the neighborhood.

03/14/19 Crocuses are blooming.

03/13/19 Robins are starting to show up in the visual and aural landscape. You can hear them mixed in with the din created by Cardinals, woodpeckers and wrens.

03/09/19 Seeing Turkey Vultures around town. Still no Crocuses and no Robins.

02/12/19 First "Petunia! Petunia!' from a Cardinal.

01/31/19 Cardinals are warming up more consistently.

01/28/19 Saw and my first Cardinal singing! And crocuses are above ground, so....

01/01/19 You should start to hear some intermittent laser fire from Northern Cardinals in the next few weeks!