07/05/20 Morning Glories puts us at 83 unique blooms for the year with easily 20 to go.
07/04/20 Four Hummingbirds hanging out in the gardens. There's some chasing but none of it seems earnest.
07/03/20 Added an American Beautyberry to the gardens.
05/06/20 Drove into Miami County to see the Bobolinks. Amazing to hear them all babbling at once!
Finally getting a Baltimore Oriole visiting regularly.

04/28/20 Rose-breasted Grosbeak AND Catbird in the yard.

04/15/20 Saw the first baby rabbit of the year in the same place where we saw a coyote last week.

04/01/20 Bought Virginia Bluebells and planted them in a mostly shady spot.

03/31/30 Thrasher is a staple now.

03/28/20 Saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the yard. I've seen four species of butterfly over the last 24 hours.

03/27/20 Heard a Brown Trasher thrashing.

03/08/20 Heard a Grackle grackling.

03/06/20 Saw House Wrens sniffing around the compost bin!
Northern Mockingbird in the yard for a drink.
Goldfinches are at about 25%.

03/03/20 Cardinals have definitely unflocked. Everybody seems to be paired up and territory songs are constant.

03/01/20 Every yard has a pair of Robins.

01/28/20 I'll be taking the site offline in February until I find a new hosting source.

01/09/20 60 degree January day and the Cardinals are running through their springtime songs! Hearing Titmice consistently. Even House Finches are singing.

01/02/20 Robins are still everywhere and noisy. Wren, Nuthatch and Titmouse calls are more frequent. Heard a test run from a Cardinal last week!