01/1/22 I don't think there has been a day this winter when I haven't heard Robins singing.
01/15/22 Cardinals are singing and chasing ladies.
03/05/22 FOY Grackle, Turkey Vulture and Brown-headed Cowbird.
04/04/22 Cabbage Whites are regular visitors now. Most Dandelions have a Honey Bee. Robins and Cardinals are chasing rivals. Brown Creeper walking the tree.
04/06/22 First yellow Goldfinch of the year. Still no Brown Thrashers. First Ruby-crowned Kinglet of the year.
04/10/22 Finally heard a FOY Brown Thrasher.
04/21/22 FOY baby bunny - so much for the Virginia Bluebells which are especially lush this year.
04/23/22 A friend has a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at his feeder so here come the exotics.
04/24/22 Saw a Thrush a couple of days ago. Catbird in the gardens today after a windy day yesterday.

05/02/22 And just like that we have Orioles in the gardens.

05/07/22 Indigo Bunting in the yard plus or minus a day