About NorVApics.com

Remember eating BBQ at the Dixie Pig or getting a shake at a Tops Drive-In or Hot Shoppes? How about catching the latest Bond flick at the Super 29 or Sunset Drive-Ins? Do you recall afternoons spent at Story Book Land, Old Virginia City, Kiddieland Park, Marshall Hall Amusement Park, or at the Super Slide? Did you listen to the "Good Guys" on WPGC on your transistor radio and watch Cap'n Tugg on WTTG-TV 5 after school? If any of these activities sound familiar then you probably grew up around Northern Virginia sometime between the '50s and the '70s.

The goal of this page is to rebuild Northern Virginia from that period - shortly after the birth of B&W TV and before the death of Disco - using vintage pictures. Lorton and surrounding cities are the focus of our archives, but you will still find hundreds of images from other NorVA cities.