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BBC World News Anchors, Correspondents & Contributors

Babita Sharma
BBC Presenter
Picture of Babita Sharma
Sharanjit Leyl
BBC Presenter
Picture of Sharanjit Leyl
Victoria Fritz
BBC Presenter
Picture of Victoria Fritz
Annita McVeigh
BBC Anchor
Picture of Annita McVeigh
Katty Kay
BBC World News Anchor
Picture of Katty Kay
Kim Ghattas
BBC Reporter
Picture of Kim Ghattas
Ali Moore
BBC Business Correspondent
Picture of Ali Moore
Leisha Chi
BBC Business Correspondent
Picture of Leisha Chi
Yolande Knell
BBC Business Reporter
Picture of Yolande Knell
Rajini Vaidyanathant
BBC Reporter
Picture of Rajini Vaidyanathan
Alex Forsythe
BBC Business Reporter
Picture of Alex Forsythe
Alpa Patel
BBC Presenter
Picture of Alpa Patel
Ellie Price
BBC Reporter
Picture of Ellie Price
Laura Bicker
BBC Reporter
Picture of Laura Bicker
Louise Lear
BBC Weather
Picture of Louise Lear
Sophie Long
BBC Reporter
Picture of Sophie Long
Sally Bundock
BBC Presenter
Picture of Sally Bundock
Laura Trevelyan
BBC Presenter
Picture of Laura Trevelyan
Michelle Fleury
BBC Business Correspondent
Picture of Michelle Fleury
Alice Baxter
BBC Presenter
Picture of Alice Baxter
Karishma Vaswani
BBC Business Correspondent
Picture of Karishma Vaswani
Katy Watson
BBC Business Correspondent
Picture of Katy Watson
Sarah Keith-Lucas
BBC Weather
Picture of Sarah Keith-Lucas
Karin Giannone
BBC Presenter
Picture of Karin Giannone
Anna Holligan
BBC Reporter
Picture of Anna Holligan
Helen Willetts
BBC Weather
Picture of Helen Willetts
Kasia Madera
BBC Presenter
Picture of Kasia Madera
Lucy Hockings
BBC Presenter
Picture of Lucy Hockings
Tanya Beckett
BBC Presenter
Picture of Tanya Beckett
Barbara Plett-Usher
BBC Reporter
Picture of Barbara Plett-Usher
Karen Allen
BBC Reporter
Picture of Karen Allen
Susannah Streeter
BBC News Anchor
Picture of Susannah Streeter
Julia Carneiro
BBC Reporter
Picture of Julia Carneiro
Jenny Hill
BBC Reporter
Picture of Jenny Hill
Joanna Gosling
BBC Presenter
Picture of Joanna Gosling
Mariko Oi
BBC Business Reporter
Picture of Mariko Oi
Rachel Horne
BBC Reporter
Picture of Rachel Horne
Emily Maitlis
BBC Presenter
Picture of Emily Maitlis
Nuala McGovern
BBC Presenter
Picture of Nuala McGovern
Vivienne Nunis
BBC Presenter
Picture of Vivienne Nunis
Samira Hussain
BBC Reporter
Picture of Samira Hussain
Emma Barnett
BBC Presenter
Picture of Emma Barnett
Lara Lewington
BBC Presenter
Picture of Lara Lewington
Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes
BBC Sports Presenter
Picture of Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes
Reged Ahmad
BBC Presenter
Picture of Reged Ahmad
Victoria Derbyshire
BBC Presenter
Picture of Victoria Derbyshire
Yalda Hakim
BBC Presenter
Picture of Yalda Hakim
Sarah Mulkerrins
BBC Sports Presenter
Picture of Sarah Mulkerrins
Katherine Downes
BBC Sports Presenter
Picture of Katherine Downes
Katie Silver
BBC Reporter
Picture of Katie Silver
Katherine Da Costa
BBC Health Correspondent
Picture of Katherine Da Costa
Marianna Spring
BBC Disinformation Reporter
Picture of Marianna Spring
Freya Cole
BBC Presenter
Picture of Freya Cole
Jane O'Brien
BBC Presenter
Picture of Jane O'Brien
Caroline Davies
BBC Reporter
Picture of Caroline Davies
Katy Austin
BBC Finance Reporter
Picture of Katy Austin
Lebo Diseko
BBC Reporter
Picture of Lebo Diseko
Samantha Simmonds
BBC Presenter
Picture of Samantha Simmonds
Nomia Iqbal
BBC Reporter
Picture of Nomia Iqbal
Katie Shanahan
BBC Sport
Picture of Katie Shanahan
Nawal Al-Maghafi
BBC Reporter
Picture of Nawal Al-Maghafi
Jessica Parker
BBC Political Correspondent
Picture of Jessica Parker
Angelica Casas
BBC Correspondent
Picture of Angelica Marie Casas
Celia Hatton
BBC Presenter
Picture of Celia Hatton
Helena Wilkinson
BBC Reporter
Picture of Helena Wilkinson
Nada Tawfik
BBC Anchor
Picture of Nada Tawfik
Celestina Olulode
BBC Reporter
Picture of Celestina Olulode
Rachael Latham
BBC Sports Reporter
Picture of Rachael Latham
Holly Hamilton
BBC Sports Reporter
Picture of Holly Hamilton
Eleanor Roper
BBC Sports Reporter
Picture of Eleanor Roper
Louisa Pilbeam
BBC Sports Reporter
Picture of Louisa Pilbeam

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