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How can I contact you?
Click here for E-mail form.

Did you take these pictures?
No. Generally people purchase a family's collection at an estate or garage sale and then sell the lot to me.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free for US customers, no matter how large the lot is. We don't currently ship outside of the United States because the USPS does not currently provide a cost effective package tracking option for non-US shipments.

Do you combine shipping for multiple orders?
Shipping is free for US customers, no matter how many lots you buy. Non-US customers will receive a shipping payment request.

You use the terms "slides", "photographs", "pictures" when describing the lots. Are the images in slide format or on paper?
All of the images are framed slides. I use "photographs" and "pictures" instead of slides to get people used to the idea that these are images that can be used just like traditional prints. Actual >paper prints can be found here.

Do you clean the slides before scanning and posting the samples?
We air dust only using an air compressor or occasionally canned air for stubborn dust. On rare cases, if a slide is especially interesting but very dirty, we'll clean it with Anti-Stat Film Cleaner

Why do you post more sample pictures of commercial/busines districts than nature shots?
The shots of businesses help me identify where the photographs were taken. A bank or restaurant tells more of a story about date and location than a beautfiul mountain or waterfall.

Do you alter the samples digitally?
Maybe 50% of the samples are altered using a cheap auto enhancement option. This means that the digital sample's color, contrast or sharpness may have been changed. Most of the image samples on the site are 200-400 pixels wide and this process makes the smaller images more defined.

Why are some lots posted in the specific categories (Events, Amusement Parks, Street Scenes) and others posted in the more general Family/Holiday/Travel sections?
When the site was born we would divide lots (one photographer's collection of slides) into categories. As those were sold we moved them over to the sold section. Since late 2012 we have begun leaving large acquisitions together on one page, including the sold slides, so that you can get a better feel of what the overall collection is about.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. There is a link on every one of the family pages that will calculate a discounted price for purchasing the balance of the lot.

Can I make an offer on a lot?
Yes. Follow the Discount link at the bottom of the description section of each individual family page.

Do you sell digitized copies?
No. We only sell original 35mm slides. When a lot is sold all that remains at the site are the small samples in the lot description.

Will I own the publishing rights to the slides?
We surrender our rights to the images upon sale, with the exception of the small samples in the lot descriptions that will remain on the site marked as sold. Regarding the rights of the original photographer, nearly all of the slides that come to us are from estate sales. This almost always means that the photographer is deceased. In fact, you can look up the obituaries for many of the photographers of the large family lots. The laws may vary from state to state so you may want to research how your state deals with this kind of situation before publishing images.

Where did the Yearbooks For Sale site move to?

What happened to the "collectibles for sale" portion of the site?
Coming soon. It will be retooled and hundreds of vintage toys and other collectibles added, hopefully sometime in 2013.

What happened to the concert ticket sales portion of the site?
They are now at

What happened to the "telephone directories for sale" portion of the site?
Coming soon. The books are currently being inventoried.

What happened to the high resolution scans site that was at this address?
I replaced it with this site.

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