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Photo Album - Hawaii Trip - May 1961
1961 Vacationers 200 35mm slides from a vacation to Hawii in 1961. The majority of the slides have the subject written on the label. There aren't a lot of shots of the principal tourists, but there are enough to say that the tour included Hazel & Cecil and Allen & May du Ford.

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1961 About 200 Kodachrome Transparencies from a trip to Hawaii in 1961. The slides were processed in May but the trip could have been during the Winter.
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Coconut Grove/Coco Palms Hotel
Honolulu from Plane
Coco Palms Hotel
Coco Palms Hotel
Coco Palms Hotel
Skin Diver
Hanupepe Valley
Maui Palms Hotel
Hotel King Kamejameha
King Kamejameha Hotel
Hawaii in 1961
Buddhist Temple
Morman Temple
Lei Day Festival - Honolulu
Lei Day Festival - Honolulu
"Hazel & Margaret" (?)
SS Lurline
Hotel Halekulani in Waikiki
Mountains West of Maui
Honolulu from Punch Bowl
Pig Roast at Coco Palms
King Kamejameha Admin Bldg.
Iolani Palace
Unloading Sugar Cane
Coco Palms Hotel
SS Lurline
King Kamejameha Hotel
Hawaii in 1961
Hazel & Cecil
Allen & May du Ford
Hazel, May & Allen du Ford
Interior of Temple
Hazel & Clarence the Bus Driver
Buddhist Temple
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