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Photo Album - Joey from Jersey
1952-1953 Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
Joey from New Jersey
130 red bordered Kodachromes from this New Jersey family in the early 1950s. New Jersey because of the tags on the car in the driveway. Joey because of the name on the birthday cake.

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1952-1953 This is the entire lot of Kodachrome red frames covering 2 years of the family's life.
vintage family slides
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Mom with Family's Plymouth
Women Relaxing on Couch with Children
New Jersey Family Home
New Jersey Family Home
Man Holding Baby
Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Joey from Jersey
Easter Clothes
Christmas Morning - Large Baby Doll
Christmas Card Lined Entry
Opening Christmas Presents
Man with Eye Patch - Fish Aquarium
Family in Kiddie Pool
Parents with Newborn
Girls Looking at American Airlines Publication
Men Holding Babies
Women at Kitchen Table
Women in Living Room During Holidays
Woman Posed in front of Christmas Tree
Family at Dining Room Table
Joey & Father on Easter
Joey with Blue Tricycle
Champion Jet Flow Drive Pedal Car
Joey on Bicycle/Scooter
Adults with Child
Children with Christmas Toys
Joey on Rocking Horse
Joey on Potty Chair
Family in Childrens Pool
New Jersey Family
Birthday Party/Get Well Party
Piggy Back Ride
Birthday Party
Children with Messy Faces
Children in Easter Clothes
Boy Blowing Horn
Boy Sledding/Sleigh
Birthday Cake/High Chair
White Hook & Ladder FOD Pedal Car
Champion Jet Flow Drive Pedal Car
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