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You and your opponent make a fist with your right hand and tap it three times on the fist of your left hand.

You and your opponent should both count the strokes out loud.

On the third tap you and your opponent should both make or "throw" your characterizations.

Winner is awarded one point.

The first person to 10 points wins however you must win by 2 points. For example, if you and your opponent both have 9 points you will need 11 to win.

Ties without a call of "MATCH" neither create or remove points.

If you have accumulated 3 or more points and you think you know which character your character is going to "throw" you can get 3 points by matching that character on the third stroke. You must shout MATCH on the third stroke to win. If you are wrong then you loose 3 points. If both you and your opponent shout MATCH simultaneously then you both win or loose 3 points depending on the outcome.

On plays where you or your opponent are 1 point away from winning the game throwing and winning with Rock, Scissors or Paper (The Classics) will earn you 2 points. Loosing with the Classics at this stage of the game will cost you 2 points.

If you are traveling in a car the looser has to drive for an additional hour OR you dictate the music selection for the next hour.

If you are flying the looser has to carry the luggage when you arrive at your destination.

Penalties for loosing in a waiting room can be determined beforehand.

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